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Free Use Rape 1: My Aunt Held Her Daughter As I Raped Her

The day I hit 18, my uncle took me aside at my birthday party and - with a beer in his hand - told me a tale so outlandish that I thought he was legit crazy.

He told me about a ring my great grampa found. A non-descript ring that would forever change his life.

Now that I was 18, the ring was passed on to me. Uncle Jack brought in his wife and daughter and let me demonstrate to myself it was real.


The day I hit 18, my uncle took me aside at my birthday party and - with a beer in his hand - told me a tale so outlandish, so weird that I thought he was legit crazy.

The tale went something like this:

Back in the early 1900's, great grampa Jack found a ring. A dirty, mud-covered, non-descript ring of no import.

Being a homeless beggar, he thought he'd found the jackpot. So, thinking he'd pawn it later, he put it on his finger.

"And that, my boy, is the day his life - and ours - changed forever."

"What? I don't get it. Was the ring valuable or something?"

Uncle Jack took a deep swig of his swill, looked me in the eye and smiled widely.

"You have no idea, do you, boy?" He slapped his knee and guffawed.

I shook my head. "No, I don't. Could you get to the point?"

He put his finger in the air. "Watch."

"Jeanie!" He bellowed and a second later my tall, voluptuous aunt scurried into the room. And I do mean scurried.

"Yes, dear..." She said in a very submissive voice.

He looked at me and arched an eyebrow. "Why don't you show your nephew your big tits. Shake 'em around a bit in his face. Let him sink his fingers in your tender flesh."

My eyes flicked open wide at my uncle's words. He really was drunk, wasn't he? I was so 100% certain that Aunt Jeanie was going to slap him or tell us off or something that I actually flinched.

"Sure!" She turned to me, her face beaming brighter than I'd ever seen it. "You want to see Aunt Jeanie's tits? I'll bet you've been fantasizing all about them. Haven't you, naughty boy?" She teased.

I gulped and looked at my uncle who was laughing his ass off. What the hell was going on here?

Without waiting for my input, Jeanie lifted off her sweater, sashayed out of her shirt and with a pep in her step and a grin on her face, unclasped her bra and let her large, pendulous breasts free from their jail.

"What the hell?" I exclaimed.

"It's the ring, boy!" He pointed to a ring that was on his finger. "This is grandpa's ring."

I stared at my uncle even as my aunt shook her ta-ta's in my face.

"Go on! Touch em! They're yours, son."

I looked back to my aunt and my cock instantly hardened. I knew she was hot. But I didn't know she was a fucking cougar. Her bright blue eyes shone down on me and I felt compelled to do exactly as my uncle bade.

"That's the spirit, boy!" Jack took another swig as I reached out and grabbed Jeanie's swaying flesh.

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