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Nature, Human (Illustrated) - THE E-PUB

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This new ten-story collection by the award-winning JE Solo grapples with themes of loneliness, separation, alienation, and despair. Nature, Human transports the reader into near and far-flung futures, and exposes our delicate and dysfunctional connections with the natural world. Sometimes bleak, sometimes hopeful, Nature, Human speculates on how these relationships with nature impact the individual, and explores where our decisions may lead.

An storybook for adults, the illustrated Nature, Human features full-colour digital artwork created by the author.

Heart Murmur -Two star-crossed lovers share a supernatural connection; Nature - A woman becomes unnerved while caring for the family pets; Hysteria - A desperate woman scours the city in search of estrogen patches; Somnambulist - Dad has been going out for walks at night; Nana- The family takes Nana on a Sunday drive; Old Joe - Two inhabitants of Tent City face an uncertain future; Last Words - A woman has only one hundred words left to speak; Vision - An old person takes a stand to protect the last living things on earth; Second Sight - A mother prepares a magical gift for her daughter; Yolo - An old woman decides to travel to the edge of the world.
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