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For the world’s most dangerous bad guys and bad gals, Gabin Endre Rocc is a good man to have on their side.  Ruthless, efficient, cold-blooded, and lethal, but always available… for the right price.  Rocc is a highly skilled freelance gun-for-hire with only one specialty:  keeping criminals safe from the consequences of the lives they lead.  No one knows where he came from, no one knows who trained him, no one is even sure what he looks like, but about him one thing is certain, he has never failed on an assignment.  And considering Rocc’s client list, this says a lot.  However, there is one more thing that most people don’t know about Gabin Rocc, the man does not exist, never has.  Rocc is the secret creation of a select group of American intelligence officials, a convenient fiction used as a cover for various off-the-books and totally unsanctioned clandestine operations over the past twenty years.  But now Rocc’s creators need him to come to life for a very dangerous mission with far-reaching implications.

Democracy is under siege in every corner of the globe, countries once seen to be moving toward freedom and stability have suddenly found themselves marred by violence and unrest, prompting the rise of autocratic demagogues who promise a return to better times… in exchange for absolute loyalty and total obedience to The Leader.  Meanwhile in the United States, many in the intelligence community have begun to see disturbingly familiar patterns emerge, a deliberate and coordinated strategy at work.  As Shakespeare might have put it, “Though this be madness, yet there is method in it.” But with little direct evidence to point to and an increasingly dysfunctional administration in the White House, the career professionals realize that they will have to take matters into their own hands in order to stop this threat before it spreads to America, and it might already be too late.  They have the perfect asset groomed and ready to infiltrate into the heart of the conspiracy, however, given the level of danger, The Asset isn’t too keen on going in alone, and then someone in the know makes a joke:  “Gabin Rocc would be the perfect man for this job.  Or would be if he existed…”

A few days later, an old friend calls in every marker in the book in order to transform Derrick Olin from Birmingham’s best bodyguard into the world’s most dangerous MERCENARY!

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