First Ladies of Poverty Foundation Membership Program

The key word for our membership program is ACCESS. Our membership program is a multi-awardwinning mentoring community and resource hub that combines engaging community support, on-going educational content and a safe place to share your story, heal and grow for an elite mentoring experience that activates untapped potential for an extraordinary life of fulfillment success in all areas of life (financially and otherwise) for hardworking BIPOC / Minority talent and allies with an interest in entrepreneurship, investing, social responsibility and generational wealth building. Members are also rewarded with an abundance of personal, professional and leadership growth opportunities that come as a result of their hard work and dedication to a better life, not as a result of them "code switching" or being in compliance with a code of ethics that they do not agree with. Learn More:

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All Features + 10% discounts on all FLP services, professional training and mentor-ship packages + VIP Member Swag Bag + 30% discount to Tickets to FLP Annual Summit + Pay for an quarterly and save 30% !
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All Features + Pay In Full Bonus Live Coffee Chat Video with FLP Founder and CEO Shatoyia Jones + 30% discounts on all FLP services + professional training and mentor-ship packages + VIP Member Swag Bag + (2) Free VIP Tickets to Annual Summit + Pay for an annual plan and save 60%!