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Reclaiming Slim by Richard Mckeating

By Richard Mckeating
You probably think you can never wear a bikini on the beach, especially when everybody needs so much from you, your boss, your partner, kids all wanting your full attention and giving you little left for yourself.

And how does all of this unsightly poundage affects your lifestyle, do you ever struggle to sleep?

Wake up MORE than once a night?
Feel knackered in the afternoon?
Ever get anxious? Overwhelmed? Snappy for apparently no reason?
What’s your release valve, a few drinks with friends?
Coffee and a treat perhaps?
A Take away?
What will happen if this carries on?

Are the current lifestyle and Nutritional habits you have right now going to Keep you looking YOUNGER or make you LOOK OLDER?
Where will you be in ten years time unless you do something about all of this right now?
Has the weight kept creeping up and up? How far will this go?
Do you experience guilt, fear or anger around the very natural act of eating?
Is your own body your friend or your enemy?
When clients come to see me they are often on the brink of desperation, sometimes the doctor has told them their blood pressure is high and they need to start taking meds, or they are going to get the same disease their mother had.

So that I can help even more people, I have written a 200 page book with you in mind, THIS is NOT a quirky fat loss book, or quick fix program, this book is about how you can claim what is rightfully yours, this book is about how you can RECLAIM SLIM!

This book will:
Change how you think about food, including getting out of the low fat/ counting calories mindset ( THAT’S RIGHT! you don’t have to count calories or weigh anything out on this 30 day plan!)
Educate you about what you ACTUALLY NEED to know about food ( stop eating the stuff that messes up your hormones and keeps you FAT)
Reveal the Shocking Truth About Food Labels
Help you finally make peace with your body
Teach you How to resolve sleep problems, and reveal why a lack of sleep, could be making you fat
The truth about supplements, Which supplements are actually effective for good health and fat burning and which ones are a waste of money
Teach you the Mindset shifts that transform your way of thinking to keep fat loss actually sustainable and a way of life
The surprising truth about Motivation, why it’s not necessary and could even be holding you back
The TRUTH behind all those diets you've tried, what the Nutritionist won’t tell you
How To Set Goals properly so you stay focused
Why these so called “healthy” snacks which are killing your chance for a slim, sexy body!

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£ 18.49

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