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Five Card Tarot Reading

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This listing is for a FIVE CARD reading.

Are you seeking guidance on a specific question or maybe a few? Whether it be about your relationship, current career, a decision you are faced with, or whatever questions are weighing on your heart. I will provide you with a response of what’s showing up based on your detailed question(s).

Using Tarot cards, I will pull 5 cards and provide a detailed response to what you are asking via your email address on file (I will email you to confirm reading and get your question at that time), as well as a picture of the card or cards drawn. If I need additional information or clarity, I will reach out. Most orders are delivered within hours but based on the schedule load may take 3-5 days.

Please be prepared to provide a detailed question(s) when I reach out to you. Questions can be on whatever you are seeking guidance on - career, love, health, spirituality, etc. If there is a question I do not feel comfortable responding to, I will let you know. I am not a psychic, medium or communicate with those who have passed. I do not read minds, fortune tell or perform spells. I am also not a medical or legal professional. Tarot readings are based off of your current energy.

DISCLAIMER: For legal purposes, I must state that information obtained through my readings is for entertainment purposes only. If you have any questions please reach out and I will be happy to answer it for you.