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Spirit and form


Let those on the path to the spirit know that nothing unformed can ever reveal itself to them! 
Even the spirit needs form if you are to become aware of it within you! – – 
Just as nothing in the external world can exist without taking on form, so too nothing can be perceived in the inner world unless it has become form… 
You speak of ‘empty’ form! 
But consider, even the empty form is still the revelation of a will which once expressed itself through it, just as the empty shell of a snail still tells you of the animal which once inhabited it! – – 
Whatever has become form in this external world is the expression of an inner essence belonging to this external world which could never reveal itself to you in any other way…
So too, every form of the inner world is always an expression of the innermost essence which you would never perceive as existing, if you did not recognise it as form within you… 
Seek here, in the external world, to comprehend the inner essence expressed in every form! 
This will be the best way to prepare yourself – also for the time when you will be in the world of the spirit, to see shining from any form you may encounter, the innermost essence whose expression it is! – – –


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Spirit And Form
The question
Outside and inside
Home and work
The form of joy
The form of suffering
The art of living

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