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✧・゚: *✧・゚:*



“Wanna get spit on? Degraded? Used? Become a the dirty sewer emo puppy you were always meant to be!”

✧・゚: *✧・゚:*


(poc skins are included in a bavel toggle on the avatar) 

hip teddy. (by me, not for sale)

tomogchi (by me, not for sale.)

centipede wrap (by me, not for sale)

thighighs (by me, not for sale)

ears (by me, free)

(edited by me, not for reuse) panties by 

(edited by me, not for reuse)crop top by

hat by bunsi




hair 1

hair 2

skin textures (tattoos by me, not for reuse)

hair textures (raccon tails by me, not for reuse)


puppy ears



all unity work done by Bɘan#8403 (they do uploads, just use tickets in server, if you dm them, it will be ignored.)


This nasty guttpup comes with nothing, but the unity package, its up to you to load in your own poi, latest sdk, and DPS.

Do NOT redistribute this package, join my server, once its gone, its gone. 
No reselling, sharing with friends, trading, or leaking
You are not allowed to upload with avatar to your account as public Do NOT buy this avatar for the purpose of taking assets of it

TOS update: DO NOT EDIT TEXTURES ONTO THIS AVATAR, THAT ARE NOT MINE, OR UNIS, OR HAND DRAWN BY YOU, IF YOU IGNROE THIS, IT CAN GET YOU BLACKLISTED. (dont be a petty and not tell me lol, i always find out, just be respectful.) do not remove assets off this avatar and add your own. do not do base swaps. 

do not do head swaps. 

join server here for questions

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6 months ago


Even tho i havent bought the avatar y friend did and it still looks amazing on quest due to the fact that im a questie i really love how you put everything together and that i hope to buy one of your avis soon 💕


Verified Buyer

6 months ago

I'm sorry if this is long!

Heart and the team behind GutterCandy are sincerely kind, hardworking, and so damn dedicated to their community that they've created. I've been a customer for about 2 months or so (can't remember) but I have seen a lot of the bullcrap that they go through. And it's very disheartening. This avatar? And every SINGLE other beautiful avi on this website is perfectly crafted and made. From the WIP to the finished product you can see the absolute love and sweat that is put into the product. Needless to say GutterMut is an absolute 1 billion out of 5 stars. I loved her the moment I saw I her. I will happily continue supporting Heart and team because I see them and what they're trying to do. I see the frustration and stress, and the love and laughter that is created in the server. It's a wonderful community. Please buy GutterMut, you won't regret it ❤️

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