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Twin Souls Trilogy Audio

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Everything is just short of perfect for Tate and Ayra - even their soulmates.

Join them on this soul-swapping adventure featuring dragons, vampires, romance and more. Can they find their fated mates? Or will they be stuck in the wrong bodies forever?

Contains all three books in the Twin Souls Trilogy: Soulswap, Soulshift, and Soultrade.
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Doom and Broom (Amethyst's Wand Shop Mysteries #5)


Soulshift (Twin Souls Trilogy #2)


Fangs For Nothing Audio (The Vampire Detective #1)


Lilies Of Loss Audio (Once Upon An Academy #2)


Poisoned Fate Audio (Untold Tales #3)


Dragon Destiny (Dragon Soul #1)


Soulswap (Twin Souls Trilogy #1)


Hexes and Vexes (Amethyst's Wand Shop Mysteries #1)


Fifth Soul Audio (Renegade Dragons #1)


Fifth Flame (Renegade Dragons #3)