Mani Fitness Guide - 8 week fitness guide

by Mani Fitness

Do you want to start your fitness journey, but you're not sure how to proceed? 

The Mani Fitness Guide will give you all the tools you need to succeed and reach your goals.


Here's what you get in this 8 week guide.
- An 8 week workout program with pictures, descriptions and tips on how to perform good form for each exercise.

- You get all the reps, sets and tempo of each exercise, as well as a definition and an explanation of those terms.

- Modifications on how to make modify any exercise, if needed

- The first 4 weeks (phase 1) can be done at home, but the next 4 weeks (phase 2) requires some gym equipment.

- Tips on how to adjust your calories according to your goals + how to calculate your own calories with formulas

- How to track your progress + tips on how to make sure you track properly

- When you should stretch + tips on how to foam roll properly

- What to do once you're done the guide including tips on how to build your own program 

- Challenge groups all year round. First one starting Jan 1st where everyone who bought the guide start at the same time to get support as a group and accountability!

- Having me as your coach for those challenge groups but also being able to message me at any time if you have any questions... forever!

I hope you really enjoy this guide!

Thanks for the support x


You will get a PDF (17MB) file.

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CAD 35.00

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