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Many seniors look forward to enjoying their retirement years but instead find themselves plagued with many difficulties. Occasionally some things occur are beyond their control, but with the proper knowledge and planning, some problems can be made less difficult or avoided altogether.

Some potential problems involve finances, health issues, where to live, and how to deal with long term care. Should they move into an assisted living facility or can they maintain their independence while living alone? What happens when a senior finds they can no longer drive an automobile or dress themselves? How do seniors and their loved ones deal with having been diagnosed with an illness that requires ongoing daily care? Medications are important part of a senior’s life, but seniors are often unable to manage this issue on their own. How to deal with this problem?

Caring for an elderly relative can be extremely stressful and if you are a family member, you're bound to be emotionally effected by it. Decisions must be made regarding the need to hire someone to care for the individual.

Learn why having a will is important, what it should include, and where you can have a will written for little or no cost.

Few seniors have a generous income when they retire unless they are making their savings work for them. Learn some tips to help you manage your budget.

Here's a small sample of what's covered in SENIOR CITIZEN LIVING:
  • Healthy Eating For Seniors
  • Financial Planning
  • Stretching Your Dollars
  • Senior Home Makeover
  • Coping With Incontinence
  • Getting Connected To The Internet
  • Taking Your Medications
  • Writing A Will
  • And much, much more!
If you’ve been searching for information for yourself or for a loved one who may be approaching his or her senior years, SENIOR CITIZEN LIVING is just what you need! Order your copy today!

SENIOR CITIZEN LIVING (pss1) is available for PERSONAL USE ONLY and may not be reproduced, given away, or resold in any format. 

The information contained within this manual is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. While every attempt has been made to provide complete, accurate, up-to-date, and reliable information, for specific issues pertaining to medical, legal, business, tax, accounting, or finance fields, readers are cautioned to seek advice and services from competent professionals in their respective fields. No warranties of any kind are expressed or implied.

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