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Move Around The Pelvic Clock: JilMovement Method. Body Sensing & Movement Awareness Exercise

JilMovement Method: Body Sensing & Movement Awareness Lessons©

COPYRIGHT: Please note all rights of these lessons are reserved. No part of this lesson may be reproduced, shared or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, digital, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or any informational storage or retrieval system without prior written permission of the author & publisher Jill Wigmore-Welsh.

by Jill Wigmore-Welsh MSc PT HCPC 

Lesson Name: The Pelvic Clock

What is this? This is a practical lesson integrating physical & psychological processes. During a lesson you discover how to use your body more easily & effectively.

Who is this lesson for?: Anyone interested in symmetrical physical movement

Goal: Improving symmetry, body control, spinal movement, integrated movement

Note: Lessons are not a substitute for medical treatment, carrying out a lesson is at the users own risk. People must always ensure they take responsibility for their own health and take advice from their physician

  • Athletes interested in symmetrical movement
  • Office workers
  • Taxi, train or car Drivers
  • Musicians, drummers, string instruments, conductors
  • Manual Workers, carpenters, roofers, brick layers
  • Craft workers, artists, sculptors
  • Actors, performers, dancers
  • People managing their own health issues, stress, RSI, CRPS, Neurological issues



Originally published in 2000 as part of a series to help office workers, but who doesn’t use a desk a PC, Laptop, notebook? Who doesn’t sit and drive or lift a telephone or push a trolley?

 In the past 16 years since Jill wrote, recorded and published this lesson the world has moved on. Technology has advanced to the point where everyone uses a screen and keyboard of some kind. 

Being a human, sitting at a desk or in a vehicles or chair, for hours, is very unnatural.

If people sit still and for long periods of time it’s not a healthy thing to do

On top of that humans have emotional responses and habits. While watching a screen they tense their whole system as they concentrate and think. Often times this tensing is so habitual that it’s not even noticed until the point of pain.


The goal of this lesson is to help you change your habitual tensioning to reduce your aches & pains.

Goal: Improving symmetry, body control, spinal movement, integrated movement

The lesson is a guided journey, an exploration. Imagine a relaxation and visualisation process and add in small, tiny slow micro-moves of your pelvis, rib cage and arms. 

The sequence of these movements has been carefully choreographed to align with the human organic memories of movement and deep reflexes.

Each lesson in the series can be practiced many times & each time a new discovery can be made.


Resources for Feldenkrais Practitioners & AHP’s completing Training

Transcripts of this lesson are available to students completing training courses with Jill Wigmore-Welsh. This lesson forms part of the advanced training for FP’s and the training for AHP’s & exercise teachers



Who is the voice?

Jill Wigmore-Welsh MSc PT HCPC has a degree level training in anatomy, physiology & pathology. She was admitted to the register of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy in 1977 and is registered with the UK HCPC. She has a Master of Science postgraduate degree in Health Promotion from Brunel University

During an extensive career working within both the UK NHS & private sector she has managed tens of thousands of people assisting them to optimize their health. Specialising in pain, neurological conditions, orthopaedic surgery, amputee & spinal rehabilitation, some of those she has worked with have had catastrophic & life changing injuries and surgery.

Initially Jill undertook biomechanical & biomedical postgraduate trainings leading to certification in joint manipulation. However this started to change in 1984 when she worked alongside elite athletes and realized the overpowering influence of emotion & thoughts on physical performance.

In 1990 Jill began to integrate small elements of learning from the teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais into her management of medical conditions.

Jill continues to complete medically centered training but has additionally qualified as a:

Feldenkrais Method Teacher, Bones For Life Teacher, Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapist, Level 7 Coach, Laughter Yoga Leader & Facilitator.

All this is integrated into the lessons to produce powerful effects.

She is based in the South of England and works from her home movement studio, at various locations, via video link overseas and runs training courses for Bodywork Practitioners, Healthcare Workers & Exercise Teachers.  call: 07885467466


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