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You always wanted to be your own boss but you are still a wife/husband, mother/ father and have a full time job plus volunteer work at the church or other organization. How do you get it all done and still manage to stay sane?

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Listen and learn from the following experts (in no particular order):

Opening Remarks - Corine La Font

Build Resilience in Uncertain Times - Darcy Luoma

Join executive coach Darcy Luoma as she teaches you how to handle people problems of all kinds—no matter how difficult—by being Thoughtfully Fit®. We are experiencing unprecedented and uncertain times, and obstacles are inevitable. In difficult times, it can feel like everything is out of our control and we have no choices. Crises, big and small, are unavoidable. How you handle them is what determines whether you falter or flourish. In this engaging and inspiring session, Darcy will train you to build your Thoughtfully Fit core so you can handle any conflict, change or uncertainty. Just like when you’re physically fit activities are easier, when you’re Thoughtfully Fit your life feels easier.
You’ll leave with three steps and a core workout to immediately build your resilience to handle any situation thoughtfully—even a global pandemic.
Specific learning outcomes:
1) Thoughtfully Fit practices like focusing on choices and control can allow you to move through your personal and professional life with greater mindfulness.
2) Implement the Thoughtfully Fit practice of "engaging your core" which is learning to kick yourself OFF of your default reactions and learn to Pause. Think. and Act.
3) Simple Thoughtfully Fit tools will help you avoid people problems and allow you to focus on what you do best!

The Importance of Self-Care: Lessons from a Breakdown Survivor Description - Sarah Buckland

This presentation shares practical life lessons from a personal experience of a young female professional who experienced a physical breakdown due to excessive, prolonged stress. Lessons from research on the impacts of stress found in studies globally are shared. The session ends with practical tips on how to manage stress in the corporate environment.
Learning Outcomes:
1) Become aware of the adverse impacts of excessive and prolonged stress on physical and mental well-being and productivity.
2) Be able to distinguish between common myths and facts related to self-care
3) Learn practical tips on how to manage stress levels more effectively.

Discover why that is holding you back from the success you deserve - Kristy Russ

Entrepreneurs tend to put their business first at the expense of everything else- especially themselves. 
Some of the questions that will be answered: 
  1. Why you won’t achieve success without your health
  2. How to get your energy back so you can really live your life and create the success you deserve
  3. Why stress is accelerating your aging and how to stop the “burnout”

How stress impacts your decision making - Steven Howard

Adults make tens of thousands of decisions a day – up to 70,000 according to research. Yet far too many of these decisions are made under emotional duress, stress, anxiety, and pressure. When this happens, the brain's rational control center is no longer in charge, replaced by the emotional control center. As I explain in this talk, we do not have to let this happen to us.
Learning outcomes:
1) tips for preventing emotional hijacking,
2) techniques for reducing stress in your work environment and personal lives, and
3) why multitasking IS NOT the answer.

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