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Create Your Most Fab Life Workbook

Feeling frustrated, unhappy, and unfulfilled with your life? Do you have the desire for more but don’t know how, exactly, to make it happen?

You know that you were put on earth to do great things. You know that it’s possible to love your life, because you see other people loving theirs every day. But you don’t know how to make it happen for yourself. You might even start to feel like this is just the way your life is meant to be: going to work, paying the bills, and taking care of your family while pretty much neglecting yourself.

Newsflash: Your life does not have to be like this. There is a better way!

With the Create Your Most Fab Life Workbook, you will learn six steps for taking your life from mediocre to magnificent. The content and exercises will help you:

  • Discover your passion and purpose
  • Recognize and eliminate your limiting beliefs
  • Create effective affirmations
  • Maintain a positive mindset
  • Create a powerful vision
  • Form goals and a plan of action

The steps outlined in this workbook have  helped me, too!

I’ve felt frustrated and unfulfilled in my life, so I can relate if you feel the same way. I’d always known I was meant to do something special and that I was put here for a reason, but I just didn’t know what that something was.

After reading dozens of books, taking courses, and going through these exercises myself, I’m finally living a life that I love, and I’m excited about getting out of bed for every morning (well, most mornings — we all have those days :-)).

I know that most of us want to live fabulous lives — however we define it — and we want to become the best versions of ourselves possible. And there’s no doubt that we all need effective tools and resources to help us get there. Create Your Fab Life is one of those resources!

What You Can Expect

With The Create Your Most Fab Life workbook, you will:

  • Learn the simple steps to creating a life you love.
  • Actually begin enjoying your life, having more fun, and feeling fulfilled.
  • Learn how to eliminate your limiting beliefs and replace them with affirming, positive ones.
  • Discover how you can literally change your life and create the one you want.
  • Visualize a future where you have the things you love and begin making the necessary changes to get that life — the one you want and deserve.
  • Become the best version of you.

What a few GoalGetHers had to say about the workbook:

“Take your vision for your life from idea to actual.”

“Create Your Most Fab Life is one of those workbooks that give you space to think through powerful questions so that you can better understand yourself and your needs. Insights and actionables blend beautifully in Jamie’s offering, giving readers both the opportunity and the inclination to get more clear and more present with their biggest goals. Buy this workbook in support of your most fab life, and take your vision for your life from idea to actual.” ~ Akilah S. Richards, Radical Self-Expressionist,  

“Teaches you to think clearly and positively.” “Find your vision, create your goals, break them down so that they’re more obtainable in pieces vs. trying to attach them as a whole. Create Your Most Fab Life teaches you to think clearly and positvely so both mind and body are one and you can create your most Fabulous life.” ~Nakeshia Shannon,  

“An investment that will yield successful dividends.” “Jamie has authored a workbook that will not only help readers peel back the layers of who they think they are, but assist them in finding their truth, purpose, and power. Focusing on such topics as ‘Eliminating Limiting Beliefs,’ ‘Creating A Positive Mindset,’ ‘Creating Goals and an Action Plan,’ and ‘Staying Motivated’ to name a few, readers are empowered to find their purpose and set the wheels in motion to co-create the life God desires for them to have. Create Your Most Fab Life is definitely an investment that will yield successful dividends.” ~ Glenys Clarice, Get on the path to creating your most Fab life today!

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