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As a sexologist interested in all forms of human behavior I have discovered that many people are driven by a need to reveal their own special erotic experiences. Last year three attractive women came to my office with an astounding story to tell. It seemed that all of them had recently been divorced by their husbands and were now receiving alimony payments. They had even more in common because their husbands had divorced them for the same reason ... the middle aged men had found much younger women. In one case a man of 48 had taken up with a girl of 18, three decades his junior!

"Why," asked the ex-wife of this man, "is it all right for a male to take the youngest females for lovers but it cannot work the other way with older women having boys as sex partners?"

These three women, between the ages of 30 and 40, then outlined their plans to me. As an act of revenge against their husbands who had deserted them for much younger girls they were going to begin a career of chasing even younger boys! To make the unusual form of revenge more ironic they planned to support a world-wide hunt for teenaged boys using the alimony payments that were beginning to come in from their ruined marriages. They wanted me to accept their letters that would be written from various parts of the globe detailing the erotic adventures they hoped to find and gave me permission to gather them all up and publish them in book form. The three women had come to me because I had already written two books dealing with female pedophilia (Women Lad Lovers and Women Who Swap Boys) and knew I was an authority on the relations between mature women and very young males. They were certain that their unique voyage into this area would make for an interesting third study on the subject.

I assured the ladies I would receive their letters and study them carefully but could not promise that they would eventually be published. To begin with I wasn't sure that the mature women would actually go through with their plans. People say many things in anger and I felt that the three were only letting off steam because of the hostility they bore against the men who had abandoned them for more youthful bed companions. The fact that this book is now published proves that all three women had meant every word they said.

Pedophilia, the love of the very young by adults, has long been thought of as a totally male aberration both on a heterosexual and homosexual level. Although one rarely hears of a female child molester they do exist and in far larger numbers than had been previously imagined. The main reason incidences of sexual seductions of boys by older women are unheard of is that the male "victims" do not complain to the police or to their parents as do their female counterparts. Women also are not prone to violence or force so "rape" is not involved. The adult females who get young males to engage in sexual intercourse with them seduce rather than force and often, as in the case of the three divorcees, pay the lads for services received. The women who came to me a year ago made a point of stating that they wanted to "buy" teenaged youths since it would give them the added pleasure of knowing that their ex-husbands were supporting the affairs.

The women involved in this book do not have to resort to paying for sex because all of them are very good looking and youthful. Each one of them could easily seduce a teenaged boy into an affair without using money as bait but their need for sexual revenge upon their husbands was such that paying the boys was important to them.

For long centuries men have paid women and girls for sexual favors and now the divorcees wanted to reverse the procedure. They wanted to show that women had equal rights as well as equal desires for young flesh. When a man gives a female prostitute money he exercises a control over her. This is his way of showing her that she depends upon him and his kind for a living. The three divorcees of this book also wanted to enjoy this feeling of power over the youths they loved by giving them money. In many cases the boys actually needed the cash and returned to the women to continue the relationship. But none of the women had the same boy twice even though they delighted in the way they made the youths bend to their desires.

For almost an entire year the three women drifted around the world seeking out erotic adventures with boys between the ages of 14 to 17. The letters came in steadily as they went from one country to the next seducing and buying boys in their mid-teens. Color lines meant nothing to them as they had relationships with lads in Africa, Indonesia, Japan and other exotic sections of the globe. They were intent in having more young lovers than their husbands ever dreamed of. As the letters and the experiences piled up I realized that I could not publish them all because they became too numerous so the following are simply selections from the mass of material I finally had to work with.

When I added up all the experiences each woman had I found that the three had had relations with a total of 212 teenaged boys! These youths came from every social level; some were the sons of millionaires while others were menial workers. The one thing that this book does prove is that young males are the same all over the world in their desire to have sexual experiences as early as possible. While the traveling divorcees may have forgotten many of these boys because of their sheer numbers I am sure that the lads will never forget the mature, attractive women who bought their firm young bodies....Now The Action Begins....Download Today!

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