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The Truth about Lasseter

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This book ends debate about the possible existence of a fabulous gold
reef that “Harry” Lasseter claimed in 1930 he had found in Central
Australia as a young man, famously prompting a well-funded expedition
to go in futile search of it at the outset of the Great Depression.

While other writers have previously disproved aspects of the life
story that Lasseter claimed for himself, none has adopted the
chronological biography approach which shows so sharply the pattern
of behaviour that leaves no room for doubt: Lasseter was a compulsive
delusionary liar, constantly demanding the attention of figures in
authority for his own personal benefit.

Far from the honest working man battling to get the ‘square deal’
that he claimed was his due, Lasseter revealed himself time and again as
a persuasive poseur full of big ideas that were usually impractical,
unoriginal or founded on empty promises. While argument might
continue to focus on what motivated the figures who joined in
promoting his reef story, there remains not a shred of doubt that there
never was any gold.

ISBN  9780648554035
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