Advanced Techniques to improve your Memory

by Forward Motion Team

Discover How Ordinary People Can Achieve Extraordinary Success by
Simply Harnessing the Power
of Their Memory

How to Develop a Perfect, Computer Like Memory In
Just 5 Minutes A Day!

Dear friend,

The list of successful people with powerful memories is long and varied and includes such famous figures as George Washington (who was reportedly able to call every soldier under his command by name), Franklin D. Roosevelt, General Charles de Gaulle and General George Marshall.

Winston Churchill it is said could recall so much of Shakespeare’s work from memory that when he went to see a play he would often recite the lines from the audience and distract the actors.

The poet John Milton, who was blind, composed “Paradise Lost” in his mind 40 lines at a time and then recited them to a scribe.

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, has been known to amaze his colleagues by remembering hundreds of lines of source code from the original basic programming language he developed.
Julius Caesar’s memory was so sharp that he could dictate four letters to his secretaries simultaneously.

But it’s just not famous people who’ve benefited from learning to harness the power of their memories. Many people that you and I have never heard of have achieved incredible success and riches because of their ability to remember important information.

For example …

There’s the restaurant owner who continues to draw huge crowds night after night because he can remember the first name of each of his patrons.

And then there’s the doorman in New York who earns large tips because he remembers every returning guest’s name.

Or what about the woman who is her company’s top salesperson because she remembers not only her clients’ names but personal information about them and their families

The bottom line is the world is filled with people who went farther in their careers and made much more money than they originally dreamt possible because they trained their memories to remember names, numbers, faces and other important information.
Now you could be the next big success story!

Anyone, at Any Age, Can Improve Their Memory …
It’s true. Getting older doesn’t have to mean becoming more forgetful. Actually, as you age your memory can become better because you have more experience and knowledge to connect with new information and thus make it easier to remember.

So if you have ever been frustrated with yourself for failing to remember even the simplest things in life … things like birthdays, telephone numbers or even where you left your keys … take heart.
You can improve your memory.

In fact, you can easily improve it so dramatically that it will change your life forever … and you can do it in as little as five minutes a day!

Just think how great your life would be if you could:

Remember the names of hundreds of associates, business partners, friends and family without ever having to refer to a notepad or rolodex!

Effortlessly remember important dates, appointments, meetings and schedules weeks, months or even years ahead without missing a single one!

Painlessly remember information that will boost your career, skyrocket your grades and save yourself the sheer inconvenience of having to carry thick references!
Now stop imagining and keep reading to discover how to turn all the above into reality.

The Truth About Your Memory�
The truth is out: The human brain is undisputedly powerful.

Researchers have found that both parts of our brain (the left and right cortexes) work together 100% of the time to capture every single piece of information we feed it.
Now let's think about this for a moment ...

You have with you right now an amazing storage facility that FAR exceeds any super computer ever built, envisioned or designed.

It's up to you to use it to the fullest!

I can almost hear you crying out loud … “If my brain is such a great storage facility: Why is it so difficult to remember shopping lists, or all the nitty gritty stuff I need to know?”
The answer is simple:

Your memory is untrained. In fact, anyone who remembers things by rote (by regular repetition) is putting his untrained memory to work.

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