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EPUB eBook: Lawson Family #4: The Longest Run

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A mistake she can’t forgive…

Carly Lawson loves working winters as a ski patrol and summers as a rafting guide. The work is hard, but satisfying, and the soaring beauty of the Big Sky Ski Resort in Montana helps her forget the terrible mistake she made ten years ago—a secret she’s vowed to carry alone. Each winter brings a new lover, and each spring the end of that relationship—and that’s the way she likes it. But the new guy on the slopes is different.

A crash he can’t forget…

Downhill ski racer Chris Markham almost had it all—until his race for a spot on the Olympic team ended in a spectacular crash and life as a paraplegic. He’s not about to let that end his dreams; two years later, he’s got his sights set on the Paralympics. He’s come to Montana to concentrate on training, not get involved with a woman. But Carly makes him feel things he hasn’t felt in a long time—things he wasn’t sure he could feel.

In it for the long run…

Chris is conquering the slopes, but do his heart and body still have what it takes to satisfy a woman like Carly? Carly’s falling for Chris, but if she finds the courage to share her secret with him, can he forgive her past even when she can’t forgive herself? Will their relationship end before they make it out of the starting gate, or will they commit to making the longest run of their lives—together?
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