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The Insurrection in Dublin

The Easter Uprising of April 1916 was an attempt by Irish nationalists to ignite a revolution throughout the country by securing Ireland's independence from British rule. Sixty revolutionaries were killed in the fighting, which was largely confined to Dublin, and one hundred and thirty soldiers and police forces were killed, as well as three hundred civilians caught in the crossfire. In the aftermath of the uprising, the British executed fifteen other conspirators, including Sir Roger Casement, a Protestant who had become an enthusiastic Irish national activist, and sought weapons of the revolutionaries from Germany, where Britain was the enemy in World War I, which was then going on. The Dublin Rebellion is a detailed record of the events of the Easter Uprising by poet and novelist James Stevens (1882‒50), a pioneering figure in the Irish literature revival movement in the early twentieth century and a symbol of support for Irish independence. Stevens himself witnessed the events described in the book, and many of those dead were his friends and colleagues. The book begins with a strictly arranged chronological record, with seven consecutive chapters devoted to events from Monday, April 24 to Sunday, April 30, while the remaining five chapters address the end of the rebellion, the volunteers who participated, its leaders, the role of workers during the rebellion, and “Irish issues.” In this last chapter, Stevens believes that there are two Irish issues, one of which is a global issue on the country's independence, and the other is a local issue related to relations between Catholics and Protestants on the island. The Easter Uprising became a cry for Irish nationalities to turn around and eventually led to the signing of the Anglo-Irish Treaty in December 1921, and it was soon followed by the establishment of the Free Irish State and the partition of Ireland. This version of the rebellion was published in Dublin, New York in 1916

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