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Battle for the Lost Souls - The Shifters

Before the origin of our world. Even before the origin of space and time was THE GREAT KING AND HIS KINGDOMS.

Where HE comes from remains one of those primeval riddles, something to solve, an age-old enigma.

Over the centuries he has gone by many names, but one feature that has remained the same is this... With HIM and HIM alone, lays the capability to construct worlds, life and time

For a long period all was ideal but then jealousy led to a competitor emerging, an adversary so powerful and so formidable that his treachery caused shock waves to flare throughout THE KINGDOM.

Consumed with pride and envy this enemy convinced many of THE KINGDOMS warriors known as "The Watchers" to side with him in the battle against THE GREAT KING but they were no contest for THE GREAT KING and HIS army. 

So disgraced; defeated and exiled they roamed through time and space seeking an opportunity to exact revenge. In the meantime, THE GREAT KING had produced his most cherished creation...

As "THE EXILED"- as they were now known, were shrewd enough to recognise that they could never beat "THE WATCHERS" in battle, they set their sights instead on "THE GREAT KINGS" most precious creation... Mankind... 

London Ritz Neuhart always perceived herself as just a regular girl, but on her 13th birthday, the ordinary became extraordinary when the birthmark on her forearm itched and spun. 

Catapulted through space, time and realms she teams up with five others to develop into an elite unit known as "THE SEERS." 

Collectively commissioned by THE GREAT KING to save their world... There's only one crucial issue... they will have to battle against some of the most formidable; dangerous; demonic principalities from the realms of the dark places to stop the spirit of deception being released and spreading evil throughout their planet If they are to stand any chance of saving the earth and THE LOST SOULS...

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