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Marked by the Gods: Norse Gods of War Ebook

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A new series by USA Today Bestselling Author Tina Glasneck

Baldr is struggling to find his place in Asgard. His brother, Thor, guards the city and fights giants, while his father rules all the unruly Aesir. Because Baldr's death will signal the start of Ragnarok, the end of days, his family prefers him to sit at home, useless. But Baldr refuses to remain a captive of destiny, and the Norns offer Baldr a solution: he can communicate with a mysterious Midgard woman via his dreams.

There is only one problem—Baldr's dream woman wears the tattoo of another pantheon. With each communication, he threatens to break the peace treaty and spark a holy war—pitting pantheon against pantheon—with cataclysmic effects.

Of course, what his father and brother don't know can't hurt them, can it?

War is coming!
Readers of legend, lore, and mythology will enjoy this new take on the Norse gods, and the rise of the dragons.

Tina Glasneck brings you a fantastical tale where the ancient gods hold power, and the promise of dragons was first imagined.

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