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I Do My Love

I am not perfect. I don’t know if I will ever be. And I am not after perfection. In case your
heart is thinking of a perfect person, then I am a wrong choice for you. I am just me and I
seek you with the way I am.

If I seek you while I am focused on perfection, I will lose the most valuable things love can
offer. If I admire you, because your beauty is superlative, then I will never enjoy what your
heart gives. If I yearn for your voice, then my eyes will be doomed for what they see. All this
comes and flies away like monsoon winds.

The voice changes, the beauty changes, perfection
has no real definition, everything about it, is a lie coined by men, just to justify their needs.
I don’t say I am good, I will be lying to you my sweet love, if I claim so. In fact, sometimes I
think I’m the worst of men, though I don’t compare.

I also don’t know the true definition of good and bad. These two words, make my lips and heart to stammer making it difficult for my life to move on. I find it hard to differentiate good from bad when it comes to matters of  affection. Because these two, are a tricky topic that have led to death and sometimes breeding  of new life. I judge not the two terms. I flee when I hear the sound of them.

My Sweet Love, I am not what you think I am. I am not of nobility but I consider sometimes
with a little pride that my character is noble. I can’t say I am righteous, that be far from me,
that I proclaim to you that I am righteous, when every day like any other mortal, I fall short
of glory. I am just like you. a human with flaws. `

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