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Establishing Dominance Over Mom & Sis

I suddenly looked at my sister as more than just an annoying sibling. She was now the object of my uncontrollable lust.

My eyes began roving over her body. She was only wearing a flimsy sports bra and panties and she was so scared I could see her nipples poking through the nearly see-through fabric.

She gasped when she saw what I was staring at.

"Oh my God, you're a sick pervert!"


"Oh my God, what the fuck do you think you're doing, mom?" My 18-year-old sister, Beth, screamed so loud I nearly fell out of bed.

"He's not yours, honey, I can have him if I want." I heard my mother retort smugly.

Oh God, were they fighting AGAIN?

"No, you can't! He's MINE!" That screech was followed by what sounded like a loud slap, then a thud.

Oh fuck, it must be serious this time.

God, what did a man have to do to get some sleep around here? Every fucking night it was a different fight.

"How DARE you slap your mother, you're going to fucking pay, you god damn fucking bitch!"

My heart thundered in my chest. I'd never heard mom yell like that before.

"No, put that down mom! That's glass --" Then a shriek followed by breaking glass against the wall.

Okay, that did it.

"ENOUGH!" I burst into the living room, my booming voice sending shockwaves of dominance throughout the house.

Both mom and sis stopped fighting and stood there, staring dumbfounded at me. Mom held an expensive vase over her head and sis was holding a kitchen chair as a shield.

"What the fuck are you doing up?" Mom spat. "You have classes tomorrow."

"Yeah," Sis's green eyes narrowed. "Go the fuck back to bed, this doesn't concern you."

I grabbed the chair and vase from their hands and set them aside, then pushed my face into theirs.

"You fucking bitches fight like cockerels. I'm sick and fucking tired of hearing you dumb shits fighting about stupid stuff!" I growled, my eyes narrowed and my meaning clear.

"It. Ends. NOW!" I bellowed, causing both of them to take a step back.

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