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Another important step is to study your competition. What do their ads
look like? What are they offering? What publications are they advertising in?
You can learn a lot by studying them and using what you learn to make your
own ad copy better. Remember Michael Corleone’s advice in The Godfather:
“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” This is actually great
advice when it comes to advertising. Now, I’m not suggesting you copy your
competitors’ ads, as that would be copyright infringement. But you can learn
a lot from someone who’s already doing what you do. Identify what they are
missing and then you can improve upon it.
Now take out your pen and paper and start listing your
products/services benefits. I said “benefits,” not “features.” There’s a big
difference. Features are descriptive of your product while benefits tell your
target market what your product will do for them. For example, a feature of a
weight loss pill may be that it dissolves quickly, but a benefit would be “it
helps you to lose weight quickly.” A toy wagon’s feature may be that it is red
and compact, but a benefit would be “supplies hours of fun for your child.”
People don’t care about features as much as they do the benefits. You need
to answer the reader’s question of “what’s in it for me if I buy your product?”
That’s what benefits do, which is why they’re so important in your
advertising copy. So get in the habit of thinking benefits first,

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