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Bariatric Beginner's Guide Workbook

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Just Imagine If You Could....
  • Not hide in the back of any and all pictures
  • Chase your kids and play with them more often
  • Sleep better
  • Actually learn how to enjoy exercise
  • Watch your kids grow up, graduate, get married, and start families of their own
  • Feel good in the clothes you wear

Are you ready to find success with bariatric surgery? Wondering how to put into practice the 10 steps to bariatric success? This workbook has everything you need to get started!

This 37-page workbook provides you with further details on your Bariatric Basic's guide. With actionable steps, trackers to chart your progress, and progress check-ins, you'll be on your way to the loser's bench in no time. This 100 percent digital download is available for you to use immediately! Grab your copy today and take your life transformation to the next level!

  • A beautiful 37-page workbook that you can print and fill out at home or send to an office supply store to be printed and bound
  • The exact 10 steps I followed to lose 235 pounds with bariatric surgery
  • Detailed information on why these steps are important
  • Suggestions for turning these steps into your lifestyle
  • Each step has three weeks worth of trackers to reinforce the habit into your daily life
  • PLUS so much more!

As always, you have my support and encouragement at any point during this process. Contact me anytime!

You will get a PDF (13MB) file
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