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The Ultimate Femininity Guide E-Book

Want to live to your lifes full potential?

Sick of living letting dusty men get the best of you?

Stuck in a life you know your better than?

Do you know what you want from your life but have no idea how to get there using your femininity?

Have no idea how to turn your vision into a reality?

Have no idea where to start?


If any of these questions mean anything to you. We have the solution. We can make your life a very fulfilled one. Promoting growth, healing and financial freedom we will help shape you into your higher self and transform your mind, body and soul ASAP.

Everything I do and preach is not because I'm judgmental, it's because once apon a time. I was you. I was conditioned and thought the way I was living my life was normal. I was wrong femininity is the new normal for black women, its a world where we are able to thrive and get whatever we want in life. If you want to ditch old negative habits and fully commit to your femininity journey then I would recommend this book for you.

This book touches on topics including but not limited to:

- Understanding toxicity and negative conditioning.

- How we are a product of our environment.

- My story. My rise as a feminine woman, becoming my highest self from being a stripper in an abusive toxic relationship for years, getting sexually abused and as a result pregnant all at 17. Growing up being abused in a single parent household where toxicity was the norm. How I got through it all, and my amazing situation now. With hope to inspire and show you there is hope. 

- Where to start.

- How to heal & helpful exercises to aid the healing process.

- Feminine energy.

- Feminine style and looking the part.

- Using femininity to excel in your career.

- Feminine Finances.

- Preparing yourself for your dream life.

- Feminine protection (Toxic friends & family ).

- Feminine maintenance (being consistent and protecting your peace).

My hope is that you ladies are able to transform your lives and see the love and light at the of the tunnel. This e-book will transform your life if you follow all of the steps and consistently take action.


I recommend this book for any woman who is looking to start the ultimate life transformation. 

Thank you ladies for your support and I wish you well on your journey.

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£ 14.99

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