How To Be A People Magnet

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People Magnet
01 Friends, 
Platonic Friendships 4
And, of Course, Love 4
Men’s Friendships 5
Women’s Friendships 6
Networking Friends 7
02 What’s Ahead in How to Be a People Magnet 10
How We’re Going to Find the Answer 10
The Fatal FUD Factor (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) 12
03 Why this Book Is Guaranteed to Work! 13
This Is Not a Book—It’s a Contract 13
Sociological Studies Support the Contract 14
Listen to the Testimonials 15
Part Two Making Strangers Like You, Instantly!
04 Hi! How Do You Like Me So Far? 19
But Is Being Popular Really Being Liked? 20
What’s Your Optimism Quotient (OQ)? 20
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05 How to Spread Sunshine . . . Wherever You Go 23
Clause #1: In Your Shoes
06 Making Everyone Feel Special 26
Clause #2: Eye Messages
07 Win Their Hearts, in Ten Words or Less 29
Clause #3: The Expanded Thank-You
08 The Magic Wand, Your Body 31
Clause #4: The Trifling Touch
09 Like Hallmark Cards, a Smile for Every Occasion 34
Clause #5: Slow, Spillover Smile
10 Why Do We Prefer One Person Over Another? 36
Deborah Gets the Last Laugh (and Leil Eats Her Hat) 38
Clause #6: Listen to Their Heart
11 Fine Tuning Your Tongue 41
Clause #7: Dis-Guys My Dialogue
Clause #8: De-Gurrl My Dialogue
12 Never Hear “You’re Not Listening!” Again 45
Clause #9: Listen Like a Nail
Clause #10: Listen Like a Dunking Duck
13 Fragging the Fatal FUD Factor 49
But What About Me? I’m No Olympic Athlete 50
How You Can Go for the Gold 52
Clause #11: Ditch the Bitchers, Talk to the Trashers
14 Beauty Is as Beauty Feels 55
Thunder Thighs Wins Olympic Gold Medal for Love 59
Clause #12: I Am Beautiful
Clause #13: I’m a Good Mover
viii Contents
15 How to Work a Room Like Royalty 62
Clause #14: The Emperor’s New Clothes
16 Nice Shake! 66
Clause #15: My Five-Star Handshake
17 The Hugganary 72
Clause #16: The Honest Hug
18 The Secret of Confident Conversing 76
What Separates Social Winners from Social Losers? 76
Clause #17: React Faster, Answer Vaster
19 Shyness Stinks! Not Only That,
It Can Trash Your Life 80
Wait, There Are More Bummers 81
So, If Schmooze-Aphobia Is a Disease,
What’s the Cure? 82
Clause #18: Always Talk to Strangers
20 Does This Confidence Make Cents? 85
Clause #19: What Can I Learn from This?
21 Ah, Mystery of Life:
And How Optimism Saved One! 88
22 Pass the Pollyanna Please 90
Clause #20: Give the Gift of “You Can Do”
Part Three Friends and Lovers: How to Find Them, How to Keep Them
23 Why Have Friends?

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