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When you walk in the fullness of who you are in ALL your glory, you begin to live your most vibrant life.  This draws others who are doing the same.  The most attractive thing you will ever do is discover and love the person you truly are.  So the first component of Course 4 in the 6 part series is mastery of all that makes you uniquely you.  This is an evaluation that goes 20 layers deep into drawing out all that makes you amazing. 

Then we get into the majors that are needed for good compatability!  Have you ever noticed that the reason for most divorces are due to irreconcilable differences?  😪  It's not that this information wasn't available before marriage and kids entered the scene, it's that people don't recognize the importance until it's too late.

Most people decide to do life together because:
  • they want some of the same things,
  • they enjoy one another and
  • have chemisty. 
These alone aren't enough to create a beautiful union that stands the test of time.  Often leaving couples with major dissapointments, despair and often divorce.  Did I mention broken dreams and hearts?  There are few things worse so here you learn how to get way ahead of the things that derail unions in a preventative maintenance fashion- hence failproofing.  It's important to note that everyone believes that they will be the couple that makes it but the truth is ~10% are rocking their relational union. 

This will be the most important course for you in this 6 part series because here you will become familar with the absolute essentials that are needed to have a great and healthy partnership with another person and be empowered to establish this alignment together as true partners do.

For maximum results on your journey to failproof your life and love, we do recommend that you take the entire 6 course mastery program.  Learn more about the other courses here.

You will want to align on the 7 needs of the sexes as well for complete compatibilty mastery.  These are the essentials that must be met to make or break a union.  Learn more here.

Get started on the journey to self love/awareness/confidence and compatability alignment now.   To be loved fully for who you are, you have to know afterall. Enroll now to being this journey. 

Cheers to living and loving well!

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