You Can Change Your Life Audio Bundle (get 1 audio free)

by The Magic Space

Do you want to make some changes -- even big changes -- in your life, but you feel stuck?

There is a simpler way to get "unstuck." Most of us believe that change has to be hard and that it has to take a long time. But what you'll discover when you listen to the audios in this 5-audio bundle is that change can happen effortlessly -- and it can be a lot of fun along the way.

Purchased separately, these audios would be $20 each, so you are getting one audio free when you purchase the bundle.

The You Can Change Your Life bundle includes the following audios:

  • Career Reboot -- Sara Murre (25 minutes)
  • You Can Do What You Want -- Mary Schiller (28 minutes)
  • Creativity: Developing Native Talent, Finding Hidden Gifts
    -- Sara Murre (27 minutes)
  • Stop Searching for Your "Life Purpose" -- Mary Schiller (26 minutes)
  • The Rule Book -- Sara Murre (27 minutes)

Length: a total of 2 hours, 21 minutes

File: .mp3 -- all five are in a .zip file that's about 170 MB

Customer Review:
"I sought out many materials, books, programs, etc. to help me through some stressful job events and tried the Magic Space bundle 'You Can Change Your Life.; Those recordings were all I listened to for a week; I felt every topic was appropriate to me in that situation at that time, and not just for the job turmoil, as it turned out. These recordings -- filled with Sara and Mary's stories and insights -- helped to calm my thinking down so I could receive my own little shivers of insight that led to me trusting my own wisdom a little more. They are a great gift." -- Mike Brown

You will get a ZIP (170MB) file.

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$ 80.00

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