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How to Date with Passion and Purpose: #8 Things every Catholic single must know before their first (or next) date!

Imagine what it would be like to be in a committed relationship with the man or woman of your dreams, and never compromising your values or standards?

Life would feel amazing! You would finally have that special someone to share your hopes and dreams with. Someone to watch the sunset with on your favourite beach. Somone to hold...and to hold you. Someone to enter into deeply intimate prayer with. 

Are you tired of the way you have been approaching relationships, or of the way potential relationships are approaching you? 
Are you sick of lying to yourself about what you want, or lowering your standards just so you can say you went on a date? 

Then stop doing what you know isn't working and implement the #8 things I have outlined in this course! These have not only brought Madeleine and I, but countless others deep joy in our relationships.

This course will give you 

* The roadmap you have always dreamed of on how to get from singleness to the first date
* Or, to profoundly enhance your current dating relationship
* The tools to create the ideal future you, future spouse and future marriage
* A wholistic approach to singleness that will inspire you to discover yourself and serve others
* A guide to how to interact with members of the opposite sex that eliminates pain and confusion
* A strategy on what to do when you are becoming or clearly are "more than friends"
* The purpose and mission of dating
* Straight answers to the most common and most difficult dating questions
* A foolproof strategy that will eliminate the grey area and flood your relationship with absolute clarity
* A guide to naviagting difficult situations with parents and family
* A detailed explanation on how to conduct the ultimate "DTR" conversation
* How to ensure that the first date gives you the clarity you need to move in the right direction and potentially save you years of dating the wrong person! 

Here's what others are saying...

**Simon’s  course was extremely fruitful. He brought me so much comfort in my singleness and was so relatable to my experiences. He answered many of my burning questions, even those I didn't know I had. 

**As a 30-year-old single man this course really does shed light and clarity on dating relationships. I am a man of faith and I place a lot of importance on reason. Not only does this course hold true to the magisterium of the Catholic church, but it is logical, reasonable and practical. Simon speaks clearly and directly, making the content extremely engaging and I was excited to hear the next chapter each day. As Simon spoke, I felt deeply challenged but also a sense of joy because my heart could not help but sense the truth in his words. Much of the content I found I had either refused to confront or never contemplated as a young man. I felt great hope when completing the course because it provided me with solid instruction and direction in navigating effective and successful relationships. If like me, you are a man who has made many mistakes in the past or are wondering ‘what is wrong with me?’ then I would encourage you to complete this course. 

**The dating course brought immense joy and clarity to my heart. As a single woman, I went into the course seeking answers behind the actions and desires I had in regards to being in a dating relationship. The course provided a very conversation-like environment, filled with great trust and vulnerability. It really helped me want to strive virtuously for heaven, whilst loving the body and soul's of my brothers and sisters in a pure way. I highly recommend this course for anyone's heart that desires healing, clarity and authentic love. 

 **I am very grateful for this dating course and the wise advice that is offered. I am taking plenty of notes so the process of getting through the talks is taking a little longer! I’m really enjoying it and know it has come at the perfect time! Such a blessing! I appreciate the clarity, wisdom and honesty. It is faith centred and comes from a place of deep love, integrity and prayer. I can tell that you truly make a difference to the lives of others, restore human dignity and give hope to God’s glorious plan for the sanctity of marriage. I pray that many more people encounter your talks as the graces that will flow from your mission will help people value and understand the true meaning and gift of marriage. They will help protect marriages and will assist people on their journey to heaven! 

**I wish I heard this when I was 14. My life would have been so different! This gave me permission to want all the things that I deep down truly do want from a relationship but thought I was asking too much. 

I am so confident you are not only going to love this course but that it will help you receive the love you long for! If you aren't extremely happy with this course within the first 10 days of purchase, I will refund your money and you get to keep the course anyway! 

What are you waiting for? Download the course today :)

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