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Scorched By Desire: Sire & Lydia's Story

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For almost one thousand years, Sire Daemon has been in slumber.

After being ambushed and sealed into a cavern, he does not stir in his sleeping state, tucked away by a spell to end his bloodline. The Witches foretold a powerful Being to be born of the Daemon bloodline that would find another powerful Being that would unite all species in the war to come. Being the Alpha of the Royal House of the Daemon and one of the two remaining Golden Draakian on this planet, they knew this Being would be created through him. Sire was forced into chains then bound to the shadows of all eternity, never to see the light of day again.

That was until a little Vampire was thrown into what became his territory.

Lydia Parks has always wanted to do the right thing, protecting her family and serving her friend who became Vampire King. So, when Lydia and her brother Derrick discovered the whispers that their parents were staging a coup, she did not want to believe it. Once there, they were told of the plot to kill and overthrow the Vampire King and his Kindred. What neither of them expected was whom their parents had sided with against Michael Vaughn, the King of Vampires. Instantly they knew that Michael had to be warned about who was truly pulling the strings. Except, Lydia and Derrick never expected to be attacked by their family before they could make it back. With Lydia seeing her brother killed, she has no clue how to warn Michael of what’s happening. Lydia believed she would be next, but her parents had thrown her away in a cave to be forgotten until they sacrificed a child to the “God” they now served.

Can a Draakain and Vampire find a way out in time?
Can one heal the other and break free of their captors? Will they each find a new reason to live?
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