Make It Work - Conventional Fire Alarms

by Douglas Krantz

Learning the Rules and Regulations for Fire Alarm Systems is good. However, knowing the rules won’t help put a system together or fix it when it breaks.

To correctly design and install a fire alarm system, knowing how the system works in the first place is essential and, for the later servicing and testing of the Fire Alarm System, mandatory.

Getting information on the rules and regulations can be found almost everywhere, but the book “Make It Work – Conventional Fire Alarms” explains the basics of fire alarm systems.


  • Why Life-safety considerations affect the Electronics
  • How the Input and Output circuits work
  • Why there can’t be T-taps on the Initiating Device Circuit (IDC) or the Notification Device Circuit (NAC)
  • Why the NAC circuit reverses voltage when it goes into alarm
  • What makes the End-of-Line Resistor so important
  • How Class A Wiring is a step up from Class B wiring

Added Bonus

  • What is the life of Standby Batteries?
  • Why are Ground Faults so Dangerous?

191 pages and more than 80 drawings

Don’t try repairing or installing a Fire Alarm System without the “Need-to-Know” understanding provided in this book…


M N wrote:

Dear Sirs!

First, I thank you for helping me get the book you wrote. The book provides information for those who want to learn about fire alarm systems. I hope you continue to write more about fire alarm systems, such as: Common mistakes when connecting wires; Questions and answers about fire alarm systems ... etc. If there are more illustrated pictures then better ... it helps the reader to understand the problem quickly.

Thanks & Brgd

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