Make It Work - Conventional Fire Alarms

by Douglas Krantz

Worth a Look!

Manual for Technicians and Installers of Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

  • Why Life-safety considerations affect the Electronics
  • How the Input and Output circuits work
  • Why there can’t be T-taps on the Initiating Device Circuit (IDC) or the Notification Device Circuit (NAC)
  • Why the NAC circuit reverses voltage when it goes into alarm
  • What makes the End-of-Line Resistor so important
  • How Class A Wiring is a step up from Class B wiring

Added Bonus

  • What is the life of Standby Batteries?
  • Why are Ground Faults so Dangerous?

191 pages and more than 80 drawings

Don’t try repairing or installing a Fire Alarm System without the “Need-to-Know” understanding provided in this book…


M N wrote:

 Dear Sirs!

First, I thank you for helping me get the book you wrote. The book provides information for those who want to learn about fire alarm systems. I hope you continue to write more about fire alarm systems, such as: Common mistakes when connecting wires; Questions and answers about fire alarm systems ... etc. If there are more illustrated pictures then better ... it helps the reader to understand the problem quickly.

Thanks & Brgd

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