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Body By Tosha 30 Day Detox Jumpstart

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You’ve arrived! This is your transformation destination.

BodyByTosha 30Day Detox Challenge is NOT a diet. It’s a lifestyle change. On THIS plan you’ll RENEW your mind, IDENTIFY triggers, JUMP START weight loss, BREAK plateaus, and CREATE a firm foundation for your quest to BETTER HEALTH.

What you eat, when you eat and why you eat are the keys to regaining control of your life and your success on this plan.

It is indeed a 30 Day journey. You’ll ELIMINATE certain food groups and EMBRACE others. Fruits, veggies, raw/organic alternatives are JUST SOME of the items you CAN have on the plan. You will be eating. No Shots. No Shakes. No Gimmicks.

It’s ONLINE. ANYONE, ANYWHERE, in ANY TIME ZONE can participate! Here’s what you can expect:

  • Well balanced, healthy options that will sustain you
  • Strategically designed day-by-day eating schedule
  • Exclusive access to an online support group
  • One-on-One coaching via conference calls
  • Discounted admission to monthly mixers

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  • I'm down 27 lbs now. I can't fit a thing in my closet. Seriously this is
    creating a problem....after trying on 6 outfits later to only come back to the under
    amour & Nike gear. I'm not complaining. I'm at a happy place. My UC is under
    control. Thanks to my friends for introducing me to the lady
    changing lives Datasha Mayo. Her weight lost program is AWESOME. You need
    to check her out. Let me correct what I just said. I don't consider it a weight lost
    program, but lifestyle change to what you put in your mouth.


  • Pleasant surprise I got this morning. Size 4? No way. These pants are a size 4.
    Somebody pick me up off this here floor. Oh my slimness. LOL. I done went from
    a 10-12 to a 4-6. Wtw?!! Had no intentions of getting this small. I just wanted to
    eat better. Look at my belly too. It's not as flat and firm as I want it but it shrunk.
    LOL. Just from changing my eating habits.


  • Started my last week on the plan yesterday, 21 lbs slimmer. Headed to the finish


  • This day 30!!! Whoop whoop! 29 days and 22lbs ago I never thought this day
    would come, so happy for perseverance accountability and encouragement! Now
    ready for continuous healthy living!


  • Hello.. Today is Day 30 for me and I'm happy to say I'm down 17.5 lbs and a lot of
    inches..This has been a journey and probably the only thing I have stuck to in a
    long time. My mother told me the other day that she is so proud of me and love my
    determination (cause I did not eat anything while we out at dinner on Friday).
    Thank you Regina McCray for her postings and leading me to Datasha Mayo and
    her plan. I have learned so much from this group and would like to thank everyone
    for their posts, cause some days where hard but I pushed on. I love the new me and
    my new life change.


  • For me I started my 2nd round of the detox was down 11lbs first go round and
    down 17lbs the 2nd round it is mind over matter for sure! Size healthy should be
    your goal Detoxers! Let me say to my sister Tasha thanks for taking me along for
    the ride of healthy living and fitness! I have learned so much from you every day!


  • Great Morning!!!! I just had my morning weigh-in...(drum roll) 180.2 pounds!!!
    April 1 was my first day with a weigh-in of 190.6!!! That's 10.4 pounds in 2 inches! I feel great, and I look great, too!! Start right, stay right,
    FINISH right!!! Thanks, Datasha Mayo


  • I'm so excited! My citrus allergies totally disappeared after this detox! GLORY TO
    GOD!!! I had a strawberry, kale, broccoli, water smoothie for breakfast this
    morning! This God Ordained Detox Plan is detoxing everything, NAME IT AND


  • This is what happened to me when I started. I was currently in a UC flare up but in
    my eyes. I was going to the eye doctor every week. I'm not going to even go into
    what was happening, but just think about some1 putting a needle in your eye. A
    shot...anyway after day 2 of her program my eye cleared up. The condition is
    called uveitis. Very painful. I had been on steroid eye drops for 2 month. Last year
    I had it for 5 months....smh.... so I started detoxing per her instructions. Day 3, the
    guys wanted to go to the Texan Grill for dinner. That night I broke the program.
    The next morning the uveitis was back. Overnight! WTH....ready to go back to the
    ER...I was thinking is it food that is making me sick. I chilled out took the meds to
    relieve the pain. I Restarted her program 1 day later. Uveitis gone! This is week 4
    for me Uveitis & UC free. My doctor cannot explain what has happened. His
    theory is that perhaps some of the foods in my daily diet feed inflammation.
    Whatever it is I'm done....I also have to go to get regular remicade infusions every
    8 weeks for 4 hrs to keep my UC under control....last week, I had a lot of meeting
    to go to so called the infusion center to reschedule for this week. Normally, when
    my time is near to go get my infusions I begin to feel bad....guys I had forgotten
    that I didn't appointment is for this Wednesday......I'm not
    experiencing any problems... By now I would have been in the ER. I'm forever
    changing how I eat. I'm eating clean. I've battled UC for 19 years with surgeries,
    blood transfusions you name it. I feel good....I feel healthy fb....I have never felt
    like this before...tears of joy!......this was a simple change, now a lifestyle.



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