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111 to Healing with Past Life Regression

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The reason why you have decided to pick up this book and read on is NOT an accident. There is no accident or co-incidence in the events and people around us. 


Co-incidences are co-operative occurrences of incidences to bring you to where you are supposed to be and learn in this journey. Enjoy your discoveries and journey.


You have planned this life prior to your birth. You are born without the cautious knowledge of prior lives or planning. This is so that you can live, learn and apply your freedom of choice to grow.


In a timely manner, you will be awakened to who you are, what you are here to learn, your life purposes. Prayer, meditation and hypnotherapy and past life regression therapies are some of the modality for your physical, emotional and mental body, mind and soul.


Welcome to the unique experience and healing with past life regression.


You are here for a reason! 


You …

… Have been asking questions like … WHO AM I?

What is my life purpose? Why am I here on earth?

… Have you been waking up around 2-3am in the morning, wondering why got up from your sleep? …

Have you been thinking of calling someone whom you have lost touch with for years?

You suddenly experience weird feeling of knowing that you are a spiritual being living a human experience. There is more than your current life.

In fact, you find supernatural phenomenon like this no longer supernatural … you find this natural!


Your awareness level of your surrounding is heightened. You know there are more to what meet the eyes. You can feel it, you have this sense of knowing deep within you. 

You are starting to be aware of the people and events that are appearing before your very eyes.

Something magical, something that you are not able to explain with your common sense.

So, what signs are the universe sending you? You know it, you intuitively feel that there is something more, but you are not sure what is missing…


If you are …

… having dreams or nightmare frequently?

… hearing, reading and even been researching about supernatural phenomenon like crystal healing, energy healing, reiki healing?

... having a sense of familiarity when visiting places you have not visited before

… having a sense that you know or have met the person you have just met a few moments ago

… experiencing the feeling of dejavu? 

… going through some painful, emotional, or mental breakdown that cannot be addressed

… sudden hatred for someone

… sudden hatred of pungent smell of a person, a place or food

… simply curious about life, reincarnation and if you have any past lives…

… attracted to knowing about near death experience, reincarnation, past lives

… heightened sensory like smell, intuition, psychic power, special abilities of reading people, aura, energy, the sense of knowing, premonition ...

Are you curious and would like to explore more, re-discover your true self through past life regression ?


You will get a PDF (395KB) file