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Turning for Home (Alex & Alexander: Book 5)

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★ Top 3 Finalist, 2015 Dr. Tony Ryan Book Award

Every racehorse must one day retire from the track, and for Tiger, that day has arrived. 

Alex isn't ready for Tiger's racing days to end, but planning his next career is quickly becoming the least of her problems. An animal rights group is accusing her of involvement in a horse-abuse scandal, and with death threats arriving daily, Alexander fears for her safety. Suddenly Tiger's not the only one heading back to the farm -- Alex is stuck at home, too, with strict orders to stay away from the racetrack.

Both horse and rider would rather be racing than hacking around the farm. A Thoroughbred makeover event seems like the perfect distraction, but as the activists ramp up their protests, Alex realizes she's competing for more than just a blue ribbon. She's fighting for her own reputation. This horse show could make -- or break -- her future in horse racing.

Part of the Alex & Alexander Horse Racing Series, you can enjoy this book as a stand-alone novel or as part of the full series.

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