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LA Area Theatrical Agent List 2020

Jan, 2020, 150 Los Angeles Area Theatrical Agency listings

Congratulations on buying this List! You have just saved yourself at least 24 hours of tedious work at the computer! Many hours were put into creating this list, and it was then used it to submit to agencies. All the results and replies from the agents were tallied back into the spreadsheet for future use, for you to benefit from. These results including whether or not they replied, if they had updated an email addressees, if an agent left, or a new agent joined, etc).

The primary sources used were IMDBpro and their individual agency websites. Much care was taken to list the correct agent for theatrical submissions, with their names spelled correctly.


Is this list current?
To the best of my efforts, it is Up to date as of 1/1/2020.

Can I still use this document if in 2020 or 2021?
For 2020, or maybe even 2021, I suspect most of this info will still be current. If later than that, at least this list will still serve as a great starting point for your own research of Theatrical agents. My estimate is that every year, there will be at least 10 changes to this list such as of staff turnover, correct submission emails, and even the name of the agency. Even as I was creating this list, one agency closed its doors completely due to a scandal!

Does this list contain ALL the LA area theatrical agents?
No. I doubt it. But it is MOST of the theatrical agents who ranked between 200 and 1200 on IMDB.
Specialty agencies focused on literary, sports figures, dance etc have been excluded.

Why aren't all the commercial agents included in this list?
Simple answer. I was not seeking a commercial agent at the time. However, most of the agents listed here do have a commercial department. What I found is that many of agencies, in order to accept you theatrically, prefer to rep you across the board. This is because more money is typically earned per actor off commercials, than theatrical work.

Why are you selling this list so affordably?
A few reasons. 1) Because I actually want to make fellow actor's lives easier.2) This list has only a few years of value in it, so I think it will sell faster at a crazy low price, before becoming obsolete. Plus, my hope is that actors will be trusted to pay the measly $10 and be respectful of my hard work, rather than share it with others for free. Please support this work.

When is the best time to submit
Just before or after pilot season (first week of January & June 15th until mid-August). November / December (agents take vacations & agencies have more time to sit down with potential clients).

Purchase Agreement
By making this purchase, you agree not to share this list with other parties, even your closest actor buddies, either digitally, or via hard copy. I understand it is tempting, but please respect that this list represents many hours of work, and is priced very affordably, for multiple individual sales.

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