Patterns Recognition with Bollinger Bands, ICHIMOKU, Fractals and Stochastics

by Dr Sofia Stavropoulou - Correia

I had read in some of the best books on success in business and life that one of the skills winners have and do their best to improve, is that of pattern recognition.  Years ago, I didn’t pay much attention to the fact that people’s behavioral patterns were like identical cycles triggered by almost identical stimuli, always leading to the same outcomes.  Trapped into the false idea of each person’s special individual traits,  I kept being blind to the fact that patterns recognition is about spotting specific behavioral cycles regardless of the details related to the intensity or cause-effect sequence of each person’s reaction elements.

Once we start doing the exercise of studying what triggers a person’s set of reactions and the actual components of each behavioral pattern, we can “read them” knowing with high accuracy what leads where and what should be expected next. It’s all about repeated patterns over and over again.  Are these patterns good or wrong?  Patterns are automated mechanical reflexes -that’s why they require no thinking and are not based on logic-  generated by the subconscious mind, after they have been formulated according to a person’s beliefs as they’re  filtered by their self-image.  

Which means, if I have self-destructive beliefs attached to a very low self-esteem, I can easily become prey to any manipulator who would love to devour my whole life triggering my false cycles all the time.  On the other hand, observing my patterns, I can break false cycles going deep down to the structural core of my personality and removing from there the negative beliefs, while restoring my self-image.  This is actually the art and science of “reprogramming” my way of thinking and acting.  But patterns recognition goes further.  It helps us improve the way we relate with other people improving our relationships and protecting us from “predators”.

Patterns recognition and replacement wherever necessary, is also the basis of dogs training.

Apart from people and animals, patterns are present in all ranging phenomena and Markets are not the exception.

I still keep nailed in my mind what I had seen written in a book about Trading, making a statement against Technical Analysis saying that “you can’t seek patterns in chaos”.  

Later on, as I familiarized myself more with Technical Analysis tools, the more patterns I could recognize, the more money I would make.  Looking back to that statement today, I am sure it was not made by a Successful Trader or a Trader at all.  Big Players which I like to call “Big Sharks” have many writers on their payroll.  These people’s job is to convince the majority of small traders to stick to the news and depend on what the “Big Sharks” have to say through their multiple levels of …”employees” ranging from corrupted politicians to “bank-sters” and media people..  

The core concept of ΔΙΑΝΥΣΜΑΤΑ - VECTORS, would be missing if I did not share the PATTERN behind it which is almost like a sophisticated choreography following a perpetual rhythm.  I feel extremely privileged and blessed for having decoded it and I also feel the “sacred duty” to share my discovery with as many traders as possible, helping them radically change their lives.

So what does the PATTERN we should recognize look like?  And if it is a PATTERN, it should look the same wherever we see it. Right?

In this VIDEO-Tutorial, using a powerful combination of Technical Analysis Tools such as Bollinger Bands, ICHIMOKU KINKO HYO, Fractals and Stochastics, I'm showing you the price action patterns that will make a big difference in your trading.

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