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When the dark web and reality TV collide, there is no immunity idol.

They say desperate people make stupid choices, and Marilyn Channing is no exception. Determined to lose weight and move on from a messy divorce, she knows she needs help.

Enter The Vale.  A health retreat as mysterious as it is remote; the exclusive spa promises beauty treatments, weight loss, and more. It all sounds so lovely, so supportive, so easy.

Marilyn should have read the fine print.

But more terrifying than a surfeit of legalese and lack of chocolate, is the sinister force on the other side of the razor wire fences. One with dark cravings of its own…

WARNINGS/TRIGGERS: DietVale is a dark tale about being careful what you wish. It's the perfect horror for those who understand and love British humour, and who possess a strong stomach. If this isn't you, then perhaps move along. Because this story involves the dark web, it contains rape, torture and all that's bad about human nature. You have been warned...

Signed copies of this limited first edition are available in New Zealand including FREE shipping.

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