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1.     The dispersion of the nations occurred

2.     In the proto-evangelium, God promised that

3.     The book of Nahum relates the destruction of Edom.

4.     The first five books of the Bible are known as the Torah.

5.     From Jacob’s son ______________ would come the messianic line of Christ.

6.     Of paramount significance in the Tabernacle was the

7.     In the third major sermon in Deuteronomy Moses continues with his theme of covenant renewal by forecasting Israel’s _____________.

8.     Moses selected _____________ men, one from each ancestral tribe, to scout out the land of Canaan in advance.

9.     The biblical description of creation is___________________ and by the power of God’s spoken word.

10.  The book of ____________ is used extensively by Christ not only to validate His messiahship and summarize the law but also to rebut Satan.

11.  According to our textbook, the original creation

12.  What was the significance of the final plague?

13.  The book of Obadiah relates the doom of Nineveh.

14.  Jacob’s marriages to Leah and Rachael produced _____________ sons who would become the various tribes of Israel.

15.  According to our textbook, the opening verses of Genesis clearly refute

16.  The book of Joel deals with the day of the Lord.

17.  Numbers details the wilderness journey of the Egyptians.

18.  What was the major turning point in Moses’ life?

19.  The _______________ plagues were intended to show Yahweh’s superiority over the gods of Egypt and Pharaoh himself.

20.  ___________ and ____________ were the two faithful spies who believed God would deliver Canaan into the hands of Israel.

21.  According to Leviticus, there were ____________ sacrifices that guarantee the children of God had ongoing fellowship with their God.

22.  The thematic focus of Nehemiah is rebuilding the Temple.

23.  The English Bible includes twelve books of the Major Prophets.

24.  Abraham and Sarah had a child named ______________ who was God’s chosen son of the promise.

25.  The blessings of the Abrahamic, Mosaic, and Davidic covenants are ultimately meant for the blessing of the nation of Israel.

26.  The __________________ represented how God was to dwell among His people and how the nation would fellowship with God

27.  In Zechariah, the main them is “restore the King.”

28.  The book of Micah presents a divine lawsuit.

29.  The scapegoat

30.  Genesis is the book of Beginnings.

31.  According to Leviticus, there were ____________ religious feasts that were to be celebrated in the Spring and Fall.

32.  God gave Israel the Ten Commandments

33.  Eight of the Minor Prophets are focused on the southern kingdom of Judah.

34.  Conservative evangelical scholars believe Moses was the substantial author of the Pentateuch.

35.  ____________ and _____________ were disgruntled over Moses’ marriage and ministerial supremacy and challenged his divinely given authority.

36.  Moses died and was buried

37.  The themes of the Historical Books revolve around God’s activity in calling, choosing, punishing, redeeming, and using the nation of Israel as His covenant people to accomplish His global purposes.

38.  God accomplished Israel’s complete liberation from Egypt

39.  In the book of Amos God’s ultimate justice is an area of focus.

40.  The book of Jonah centers around the consequences for individual disobedience.

41.  The book of _______________ tells the story of the wilderness journey. It serves as a travel diary of the Israelites after the exodus.

42.  In Deuteronomy, Moses explains the intent of the Ten Commandments as an ___________ motivation toward godly behavior in the civil, social, and ceremonial life of Israel.

43.  The first five books of the Bible trace the actions of God in history from the creation of the world until the death of Joshua.

44.  The book of Psalms features songs of praise and lament.

45.  1–2 Samuel thematically focuses on Kings and Priests.

46.  According to the book of Numbers, people could also be sanctified through the __________ Blessing assuring them of God’s continued grace upon them.

47.  The book of Ruth offers a ray of hope.

48.  The global extent of the flood is indicated by the fact that

49.  The Historical Books extend from the book of Joshua to the book of Esther.

50.  Deuteronomy provides instructions for the new generation of Israelites as they prepare to enter Canaan in fulfillment of God’s promises.


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