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The Prince and I, book 2 (epub/pdf/kindle)

I am an escort; that's who I have chosen to be. Not because that's my dream, mind you. My dream was the fairytale with Prince Erik. But the kind of fire we had was too hot and burned out as quickly as it started. It was an explosion of passion and lust that didn't... that couldn't have lasted. 

So I did the only thing I could do, and that was to stuff my dream so far down I hoped I'd never be able to feel it again. But real dreams aren't easy to forget, especially when you have had the fairytale for a few brief wonderful moments, only to have it swept from beneath your feet.

My fairytale, not only is it gone... it has turned to ashes. Now I live with my painful memory, a ghost of a past that I know will haunt me for the rest of my life.

But at least I have secured my sister's and my future... that should be enough, right? I mean, it's all a girl like me can expect.

Yet... it kills me, and every night I think about what could have been... what should have been... something beautiful, something true between my prince and me. 

And then one day, Prince Erik shows up in my life again. I hardly dare to believe it... I don't believe it. And why should I? He doesn't belong in my world and I certainly don't belong in his.

Yet, something deep inside tells me that maybe, if I can muster enough courage to dare to believe again, to dream again, my fairytale just might come true.

This is Book 2 in the 4-part series: A Scandalous Royal Love Story

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A HIGHLY addictive series.
Read at your own risk.... There will be cliffhangers.

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