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The Green Beauty Guide

finally, some sane and accurate advice about cosmetics and beauty products! Julie Gabriel pulls no
punches in this frank, honest, and totally unbiased masterpiece about the good, the bad, and the ugly
sides of the cosmetic industry. First and foremost, she helps you understand that when you buy a
product that makes various beauty claims, you are dealing with a business that wants to sell you
something that may not necessarily be good for your health. In many cases, quite the opposite is true.
How do you know? Reading this book will make you very well-versed in the numerous chemicals
that come packaged in facial creams, shampoos, and cleansers. You will know what’s safe and what
could be harmful. Want to know what a xenoestrogen is? This book will tell you. Read this book
because it could save your life.
You aren’t manipulated into buying any one philosophy or specific “green” product brand. Not only
does this very well-researched book tell you what to look for and avoid in buying and using various
lotions, potions, and beauty creams, but it gives you a very practical approach to shopping for what’s
healthiest and best for your body. Additionally, you will learn how to make green beauty products
yourself from raw ingredients and the recipes provided in this book. Since prepackaged green beauty
products can be expensive, knowing how to make your own could save you tons of money.

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