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This is about how life goes into a process being observed in various ways of life experiences and circumstances in every aspect of life. This book provides essential information, boosting spiritual beliefs and building a good character. Offering advice and motivating people to improve and inspire every person who willingly motivates themselves and is ready to change and bounce back from their past who experienced trials and tribulations in life. Each of us humans needs to go through the right process for it to be an absolute and rewarding thing for ourselves and inspiring people who lose hope in their lives because of difficulties and uncertainties. We need to realize that not everything we want, we could get it right away. We also need to strive and need a lot of effort and strategies. Because all things in this world go through the right process. Achieving goals is not as easy as you thought, even genius people start from scratch before they develop their brains the way they think and claim their achievements at the latter. So don't waste your time putting yourself in the shoes of others because we have different stories and finish lines to fulfil. Just like an artist they started with different kinds of starting points, some started to draw the eyes, others were drawn headfirst, others made a lot of lines before they started to draw the face, but can only be judged if their masterpiece is done. There are many ways in how you manage your life and reach the finish line and be victorious. So know your purpose in life and start your learning process right away.
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Freedom In Forgiveness