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EDCE 611 Quiz 5 Liberty University Answers

1.     Brief counselors encourage client action by way of

2.     Brief counseling focuses on

3.     Brief counseling is

4.     Brief counseling is

5.     Brief counseling means

6.     Which of the following statements is NOT true?

7.     In brief counseling, clients are challenged to

8.     Which of the following is NOT a step in the MRI brief counseling model?

9.     Brief counseling is useful with children because

10.  A counselor working from a brief counseling model would most likely ask which one of the following questions?

11.  Which of the following best characterizes REBT?

12.  REBT has been successfully employed with children and adolescents for a wide variety of problems.

13.  REBT cannot be used with children younger than 6 because of their level of cognitive development.

14.  It is important for children to describe their activating event in detail.

15.  All beliefs are irrational according to this theory.

16.  Which of the follow is NOT an irrational belief?

17.  Which of the following is NOT true about REBT?

18.  REBT stipulates that

19.  Key REBT concepts can be introduced to clients by way of

20.  Emotional problems are realistic difficulties that involve lack of skills for dealing with the problem.

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