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Bloodsticks: A brief history & practical application

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When Höbin is contracted to research the popular game of chance, he quickly learns the truth surrounding its history is anything but.

Circumstances unfold faster than he can anticipate, pulling Höbin from his assignment and thrusting him into the shadows of intrigue, magic…and murder.


"Mr. Buckley, thank you for letting me read this book before so many others. It was more fun than I expected. You world-building is...hmmmm.

I don't know what to say, other than I like your creations more than Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn, series, though I do love his work a great deal. Just can't get enough of your world =).

Five stars for genius and creativity extraordinaire." --Jessica USA

"Hobin has two weeks to accomplish the impossible for a historian: Record the history of a specific game of chance, providing its origin, its top players, and furnish all of it as unique and original content.

As with the first book in the series, Demoni Vankil, I was captivated by Hobin Luckyfeller. His perspectives on life, people, and how clever he is kept my eyes hooked to the pages. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much--Hobin’s sarcasm is priceless. Each time I thought I had things figured out, the characters would prove me wrong, which was SO refreshing for a mystery book." -- Craig, USA Amazon (5 Stars)
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