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Bias Binding for Later Squared Bag Pattern

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Bias Binding is cut at a 45 degree angle across the grain of the fabric, offering stretch to go around curves. 

Binding is 2.5" in width, folded in half to create a double fold binding. Binding length is 115 inches in length, which is enough for the Later Squared Bag Pattern binding requirements and a couple of inches leftover.  Please be aware that with bias binding, the length of the strips vary and some seams may be closer than others.  All stripes are matched up in the best possible way to convey a seamless look as much as possible.

This listing is for 1 binding only.

Choose From: Only 1 of each is available.
Tula Pink Linework Black and White Stripes
Tula Pink All Stars Poppy Pink Stripes
Orange and White Stripes
Black and Metallic Silver Stripes
Andover Sarah Golden Around Town Black and White Stripes

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