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Becoming a Pro with Go (PREORDER)


When you Preorder you get the first 4 chapters and over 50 pages of content!

The finished book will be ready in October 2020 and will be sent via email to the account that it was preordered from.

This book is a comprehensive look at Go, starting at the very beginning with the installation and ending with a full stack application. 

Learning a new programming language can be overwhelming even for the most senior developers. I break Go down in bite size pieces to make sure that you understand each new tool your developer toolbox before carrying on. 

A little about myself. I have been a developer for 12 years, I started with Java on my own using a book that was so dry and technical that I ended up just experimenting until I figure it out. I've worked for Startups, Fintechs, Fortune 1000 and 500 companies working on backend, middleware, reporting and analytics and the frontend.

This is an opinionated book, I will cover all the essentials of Go but from my perspective and what I believe will make you a developer with skills and forethought to work wherever you want. 


Chapter 1. Get Go-ing (Setting up Go, basic Go commands, first application )

Chapter 2. Go Basics (Variables, Constants , Loops, Arrays, slices etc)

Chapter 3. Mad Libs (Simple Input application)

Chapter 4: Go Calculate (Switch Cases and math)

Chapter 5: Go Gamble (Create a Black Jack game)

Chapter 6: What's the weather? (Application that gets the weather for your city)

Chapter 7: What's the Weather with a UI (Application that gets the weather and displays it in a simple UI) 

Chapter 8: Go Movie ( Searchable Movie Database, with a Front End!)

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$ 35.00

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