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Start Your Own E-Commerce Business From Scratch

6 Months after discovering dropshipping I finally found my first profitable product.

It was an extremely hard journey so far and I thought about quitting many times.

I tried different types of stores, lots of products and variety of FB strategies and I really started doubting if I can make it work.

But I didn't give up and as you can see it was all worth it.

So I just wanted to share my perspective on a few aspects of dropshipping that I think actually matter.

So let's start with the website.

Everyone says that in 2019 you should go with one product store route etc. but honestly I think that it's a bad idea if you have never found a winning product before.

If you choose the wrong product, it doesn't matter if you have one product store or general store. What I'm trying to say is a one product store WILL NOT magically turn your bad product into a winning product. So don't focus on that...

•    Start with a general store

•    Find a neutral name (don't name it shop, gadget, deals etc.)

•    Use a free theme (Don't use debut, I think it's a little bit "saturated" so I use Venture)

•    Don't focus on making it look super special, it really doesn't matter when you're just starting out, just make it look clean (Use black, white & a 3rd color of your choice)

•    Don't use a lot of apps when you're just starting out: Dsers for fulfillment, Loox reviews and currency converter

Focus mostly on the product page:

•    Come up with some creative names for your products, for example, I do something like this: {My creative name™ - Main benefit of the product}. It not only increases conversion rate but also it makes much harder for the customer to search the product on amazon (people are lazy).

•    Remove taxes & shipping calculated at checkout

•    Add "our guarantee" at the end of the description

•    Obviously some reviews

•    Make your ATC button BIG

•    And the most important... optimize your loading speed! If you don't really know how to do this just hire someone (I used this guy: and it was well worth it)

Your creative:

•    Obviously, use videos

•    If you can't make your videos look really professional, just outsource it (again I used ecombud on fiverr, he's great)

•    Get video content from: yt, fb, amazon, vimeo, dailymotion, google, aliexpress, alibaba

•    The shorter, the better but of course cover all the most important benefits AND features

•    Captions need to stand out & match the corresponding clip

•    Your video needs to have: attention grabber, problem agitator, solution and a few features

•    Make custom thumbnails (emojis, arrows, shadows, increase saturation of the image)

Facebook Ads:

•    To make a decision whether or not the product has potential you don't need to spend more than $30

•    Run ads from dummy pages (for example: Beauty Lovers)

•    How I test: 7 adsets (7 interests) always conversion - purchase, $6/d, people who live in Top 6, 21-65, gender all, mobile feeds, 7 days click or 1 day view

•    Broad SINGLE interests

•    Do not narrow down when you're testing

•    If after ~ $10 spent (depends on your product price) you have over $1 CPC & no buying intent, kill the campaign, don't waste money

•    If you have a winning product, it is clear that it's a winning product. You have great ROAS, CPM, CTR etc...

•    Scale with CBOs... Just take your best interests & LAAs and put them in CBO campaigns

I know it's a really long post, but I thought I'D share what's in the book, it's worth to read it. If you have any questions, just ask I will try to answer...

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