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Real injury SLC crutching and interview -Yomilka -

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14:50 minutes long. Full HD quality. Sound on. PREVIEW VIDEO AVAILABLE

Shoe size : 36.5 EU / 7 US. 165 cm tall.

Yamilka is a TikTok influencer that broke her foot last week. She is using a plaster SLC that is signed by her friends. She is in pain and not able to put any weight in her broken foot for a few weeks.

During the video she is crutching in the street until she reaches a supermarket where she is also crutching and talking with the camera telling her feelings while is crutching. She is buying inside the supermarket and also looking for products. After a long time inside she leaves the supermarket crutching with great frontal shots.

Then she is hopping at home really tired after a long day using crutches. She is resting on her bed with a great close-up shot of her swollen toes and cast. She is explaining her injury while is feeling a lot of pain. She is also massasing her toes with cream even that it hurts because her fracture is near of her toes. She is showing her cast sole and not broken foot sole at the end while is posing.

You will get a MP4 (1GB) file