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Awakening: Beginners Development Group

Starting 6th September 2021 in central Dunfermline.

This is a private membership for those who have joined the weekly development group. The purpose of the group is to explore working with the creator energy exploring all types of psychic mediumship using divination tools, working directly with energy, connecting with spirit and more. My techniques are very simple, you will be able to connect and throughout the weeks develop to a working level, you do not need prior experience, just an understanding that there is more to existence than what we see.

There will be some techniques that you excel at quicker and easier and others that will need more nurturing.  I believe those that feel most natural, we will have used in past lives, you will develop as a group but more importantly as individuals, understanding your true path and why you feel so drawn to work with energy. We will work with patience and kindness, without judgement of ourselves and of others & have an open mind on related subjects.

I anticipate this group will last around 1 year, we will have lots of fun and interesting discussions.

Some of the tools we will use will be cleansing kits, crystals, crystal balls, ribbons, colouring, runes, cards, pendulums and personal objects for psychometry.   We will also use our wholeselves for muscle testing (human pendulum), empathic exercises, spiritual connection and so much more. Theres lots to learn but don't worry it will come naturally to you in time. 

The classes will be held on Monday evening 6- 7.30 pm in central Dunfermline in a beautiful old building with plenty history and good energy. This subscription is the monthly fee for the classes Jane xx

Awakening: Beginners Development Group

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