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The Spiritual Truth, a Guide into all Truth

7.5bn earthly human beings are searching for the Truth and some meaning in life, and this GuideBook has come along to bring both to those 7.5bn earthly human beings.

After 18 years of visitations from Heavenly Beings, including our Heavenly Father and Mother, and many Spirit Guides, sent by our Heavenly Parents, and after 18 years of study, research, writing, speaking to thousands, within earthly religions and not, and over the last 9 years tweeting @ and blogging on, I began to write the book, the first of 7, you are about to read.

This book will challenge everything you ever thought you knew was true and will Guide you into a Truth you could not even imagine in Infinity.

This book is especially for the Children of the 60's, their Children, and their Children's Children because their Parents, Grandparents and Greatparents will struggle with the Truths being revealed in this book many because of being taught by teachers without Wisdom, or the Truth of the Ruach Ha-Kodesh/Holy Spirit/Ruh all-Qudus.

If you are searching for the Truth, the journey of awakening begins here, in 2017.

You will learn from where my Soul and yours originate from, and where you return to when you return home.

You will learn the True Way and know it is the self who finds the Truth after your Souls are awakened, though Guidance is never far away when asked for, with a True Heart and Soul.

You will learn about my Bloodline, the Bloodline of Steward/Stewart/Stuart, who in Ancient Times were the Stewards in the Temples and Synagogues of Sumer, Babylon, Egypt, Israel, before becoming the Kings and Queens of France, Spain, Scotland, Ireland, England and beyond, whose descendants still walk the earth today, a few very rich, some comfortable and others struggling, as all do in life, bar those who seem to be lucky.

I will take you through John 10, and explain as I go, the Secrets therein.

I will take you my, and many of the reader's Bloodlines, and branches thereof, which eventually return to Africa, all of them.

You will learn one of the Greatest Secrets ever known to humankind, which has been hidden from them for almost 10,000 years of false teachings.

And that Secret is, the Mother of All, or Ruach Ha-Kodesh/Holy Spirit/Ruh al-Qudus, the True  Spirit, Sacred Feminine, much to this earths shock, and earthly religions anger of Her being revealed, especially Rome.

In my Poetry I will reveal Her to you, as She weaves my words of Beauty, which will send tingles down your spine to your heart as their Beauty moves you.

I will reveal the explosive Secrets within Psalms 82, which billions of earthlings do not comprehend, especially those within your man-made religions.

Then our Heavenly Mother will reveal Herself to all who read my words, as She speaks in Her own words in Proverbs 8 22-36.

Then I will take you on a Magical Journey of your Souls origins, the reason why you are who you are, Soul, Spirit, Body and Mind, and your reason for being.

You will learn of the Coming Messiah/Son of Man, who is upon the earth in this year 2017, awaiting the Days of Lot before revealing Himself, to this earths shock, and anger, for with Him will come all Truth.

You will learn of the Arch-Angel Lailah/Layla/Night, who those who truly know their scriptures from Judaism and Islam will know well, but Christians, unless once more they know their scriptures well, will deny any female Angel, out of ignorance.

I will take you through Romans 12, and explain the Secrets within as I go, and you read you will see that chapters and verses, and the Truths being revealed are all connected, and each are as important as the other.

I will explain to you Relationships, which can be helpful for Personal use, Communities and even Nations.

You will meet the beautiful wife and love of Joshua/Jesus/Isa, mother of their three children who I will name and explain, who Bloodline still walks the earth, today.

You will learn of the Secret of the Holy Grail, who is a Divine Woman, and not a cup.

You will learn about the flat, unmovable earth, and the Solid Firmament above.

And you will meet Copernicus, the young upstart who sold his theory to Rome, who then continued the lie of the earth spinning around the Sun when in Truth, the Sun spins around our stationary earth.

We will delve into the Great Deception of NASA, the Jesuits and the non-existence of Aliens.

You will learn the Secret of the Wonder Woman of Revelation 12, and who She truly is, and She is not the Virgin Mary, or a Church as billions wrongly believe.

I will take you through The Thunder-Perfect Mind from the Nag Hammadi writings, where once again our Heavenly Mother explains in Her own words, who She is, the Mother of all Creation.

You will learn the amazing Truth of who the lord, god, whose name is jealous is, and why he is so jealous.

Then you will learn the Truth of this jealous god's greatest achievement, or as you know him, the devil, and how he has conned this earth into believing, he is God Most High, which he most certainly is not. 

You will learn the True Prayer to pray to our Heavenly Father and Mother, the only one listened to by the Elders above, the Most Powerful of all Prayers.

You will learn the importance of Tattoos, and why Rome banned them.

You will read the amazing story of Pope Joan, the first Female Pope, who, with Divine Help, pulled the wool over the so-called elite and elect of her Church, the Church of Rome,

You will learn the Secret of the Son of Man and if Truth be told, woman also or more to the point the Sons of Men, including the Daughters of Men and Women, who are just as important, if not more important than the men who need them to be, literally.

I will take you to the Mount of Olives, and translate and explain as I go.

We will look at Days of Lot, and the Chosen One coming, knowing Joshua/Jesus/Isa was the last Chosen one, and cannot be this one.

You will learn of the Parable of the Fig.

Then we will delve into Daniel 10, and the Secrets within it, from a Prophet of old, who had so much to say about 2017 and beyond.

I will take you through the amazing writing of Ecclesiastes, written with so much Beauty, only Wisdom Heavenly Mother could have been the Guide, revealing more Secrets, long forgotten.

Then I  will take you into the writings of Jesus ben Sirach, who was a Preacher in Jerusalem, strangely like Jesus, the Christ.

Jesus ben Sirach writings, Ecclesiasticus, are translated by his grandson, who is also known as Jesus, and all belong to Jesus, Son of David, Mary and Joseph's Bloodline.

Finally, you will read the Beauty within the Book of Wisdom or the Wisdom of Solomon, with more amazing Truth of not only our Heavenly Mother, Love, Partner, Co-Creator and Daily Delight of our Heavenly Father.

One thing is for sure folks of earth, this book will most certainly not bore you, and out of all the books written thus far upon earth, past, present and future, none has revealed so much or will reveal even a fraction of what this book will.

The Beginning is near.

San Dom de Nanta van san Nantess estanto?







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